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Last NameDiptera
Length 230 x 150 x 80 mm 230 x 150 x
Digestive tract---

How to get rid of flies?To get this pest problem under control, the first step is to Request a Free Inspection.

Did you know that more than 100 pathogens are associated with the house fly, including E. Coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella. These pathogens can cause disease in humans and animals, including cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis and bacillary dysentery. Sanitation is crucial to controlling these pests, but accurate identification is critical for successful fly control.

The best way to repel flies is with simple preventive measures. Flies are most active from late spring to early autumn so to repel flies during this time, keep your doors and windows closed. You can also screen windows, doors and vents. Keep garbage cans clean and securely closed. Keeping your surfaces clean will make your home less appealing to flies.

PEST CONTROLNon-biting flies, such as houseflies, are not only nuisance pests but are also responsible for transmitting diseases and contaminating food.

If you have a fly infestation in your home, contact your Campbell’s pest professionals for a Free Inspection. We will inspect your home, confirm the species and recommend a course of pest control to treat and get rid of the flies.

The Campbell Man can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation of FLIES.


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