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Latin Name:Periplaneta americana
Length:4 cm
Sounds:Chirping Noise
Digestive Tract:Yes

How to get rid of cockroaches?The most effective roach control typically requires more than one type of treatment method.

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. Roaches can range anywhere from one-half to 3 inches long. Different roaches can be attracted to your home for different reasons. The three most common cockroaches in the United States are the German, Oriental and American roach. The most common roach found indoors is the German roach. This roach is attracted to water so reducing access to water sources in your home can help reduce a roach infestation.

Roaches enter homes in search of food, water and shelter. Once they have infested an area, they multiply quickly, posing a threat to your comfort and health. Roaches are known to carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies and skin rashes so it’s important to get rid of cockroaches before an infestation occurs.

PEST CONTROLCockroaches are the most common insects we find in our homes and offices.

Cockroaches are found to be an important source of causing human allergies. We eliminate cockroaches by using different techniques to eliminate your cockroach infestation. If you find  cockroaches or other pest-related problems in your home, we offer effective prevention techniques.

The Campbell Man can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation of COCKROACHES.


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